What is a Pre-Authorisation:

A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of a specific amount of the available balance on a credit / debit card. The pre-authorisation is NOT a charge and you are not responsible for paying for it.

How much is the Pre-Authorisation?

The Crystal Beachfront Apartments (CBA) pre-authorises all credit / debit cards for $200 per room per stay of intended stay unless otherwise stated.

When is the Credit / Debit Card Pre-Authorised?:

All credit / debit cards are pre-authorised upon guest arrival. This is a separate transaction to the accommodation component of your stay and covers incidentals such as sight seeing, charged back to your room, or damages to the apartment or contents.

Why is the Credit / Debit Card Pre-Authorised?:

Unlike most businesses with regards to credit / debit cards, we provide our service sometimes days prior to actually getting paid for it. When you the guest give us a credit / debit card, the preauthorisation guarantees us that the credit / debit card you gave as future payment will indeed be able to accept our charge. If we did not get a pre-authorisation on the card, then someone could in effect go out and max out his or her available balance, leave CBA without providing another form of payment, and CBA would have no recourse to collect our valid charge.

When does the Pre-Authorisation Get Released from the Credit / Debit Card?: 

This depends on your individual credit / debit card. Upon your checkout of the apartment your actual room charge will get posted to your credit / debit card. Once our actual charge is posted it can take anywhere from 1 to 10 working days dependent on your financial institute for the pre-authorisation to be removed.

Can the Pre-Authorisation be Removed Sooner?:

This again depends on your credit / debit card company. We are unable to remove pre-authorisations directly through CBA; we can only place them on. We have found that most credit/debit card companies remove the preauthorisation within 72 hours of our actual charge being posted.

When Did Crystal Beachfront Apartments Start this Practice?

We have been preauthorising credit / debit cards since 2021 under new management. This is not a new practice in the industry nor do we hide the fact that we must do this. Since debit cards are more in use, and are tied directly to a guest’s cheque/savings account rather than a credit account, more guests have had questions regarding this practice. We thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation.  

You are welcome to pay a cash deposit of $200 which will be immediately refunded on your departure if you would prefer.